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PODCAST: Advertisers’ Media Investment Isn’t Running Properly – We Need To Fix That

December 11 •
1 Minute Read
Matt Wasserlauf talks with AW360 podcast

“The video industry has grown to a roughly $50 billion industry – but a lot of that $50 billion simply isn’t running properly (for advertisers),” said Matt Wasserlauf, CEO and Co-Founder of BLOCKBOARD.

As advertisers have navigated over the past 20 years from the times of simpler television buying to a broader variety of ‘video’ buying – they have encountered an ecosystem that thrived on complexity.

So, how has their media dollar been impacted? According to the ANA – a lot.

BLOCKBOARD hosts Advertising Week NY panel: Future of Programmatic
The Key to the Future of Programmatic Marketing – Bill Duggan – Group Executive Vice President, ANA, Michael Scalera – Marketing Director, PIM Brands, Inc., Matt Wasserlauf – CEO and Co-Founder, Blockboard, and Katie Kempner – Founder, Creator and Host, ‘Perspectives with Katie Kempner’, Kempner Communications

“Ultimately for an advertiser it’s not hitting the right person,” said Wasserlauf in a recent interview with AW360 Live Podcast.

And that’s what BLOCKBOARD set out to fix.

Wasserlauf explains why blockchain technology (the foundation of the BLOCKBOARD platform) gives advertisers the best opportunity to ensure their media investment is waste-free and delivered to the right audience.

Listen to the full interview on AW360 Live.