VIDEO: Too Much Ad Tech Robs Video Of Billions

February 3 •
1 Minute Read

“We’re too complex, we’re too complicated. I think we’re too cute, and from that is where a lot of this waste is coming from,” said Matt Wasserlauf, Co-Founder and CEO of Blockboard.

Last week, at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, we were able to catch up with Andy Plessar and the Beet team to discuss what Blockboard thinks is one of the biggest problems our industry faces: waste and fraud.

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Fraud in the digital ad space is nothing new, as Mike Shields points out – it’s been an issue for the last 10 years. So, why the renewed urgency?

It really comes down to establishing a healthy foundation for the CTV ecosystem – the next BIG chapter for video advertising.

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For publishers, their CTV inventory is extremely valuable and needs to be priced accordingly. For advertisers, the ability to utilize digital mechanisms to the same ‘big screen TV audience’ is critical.

So, again… why the urgency?

Because the cement for this foundation is being poured right now – and we must make sure it’s on solid ground.