The Click-Through Comeback

January 1 •
2 Minute Read

Over coffee with Jason Kanefsky, Managing Partner and long standing leader at Havas Media, he dropped this line, “I’ve never once seen my clients’ commercials online.”

If I didn’t hear things like this all the time, I may have spit up the cafe latte I was consuming on Jason’s shirt. This is pretty much where we’re at.

Any number of sources quote the amount of fraud in Video advertising around $20 Billion. Most of those ads major brands are running are simply not being seen. Tim Hwang published “Subprime Attention Crisis” last year laying it out this problem I n 137 pages. He likens this problem with the Mortgage Crisis circa 2008. The bubble is building…

We built BLOCKBOARD to fix this enormous problem. By resetting the entire video ecosystem on Ethereum blockchain, BLOCKBOARD is verifying every single video impression. Before it airs! What’s the result? Sales, email registrations, app downloads, CLICKTHROUGHS.

Yes, clickthroughs.

20 years ago, Scot McLernon, then head of sales at CBS Marketwatch exclaimed “Click-throughs are a misleading statistic.” I’ll admit that I tended to agree with that statement at that time. It was still early web advertising and banner ads were very gimmicky and driving a great many deceitful click-throughs. But that was then.

This is now.

With over $20 Billion of fraud and a great deal of bot inventory coursing through the Programmatic Video landscape, the Click-through has become a metric indicative of real human attention. It is highly relevant now.

In fact, when worked into effective re-targeting and frequency management, the click-through becomes critical in driving brand and performance advertisers’ KPIs.

We’re averaging a 3.5% Click-through rate at BLOCKBOARD.

This is the comeback of the Clickthrough! 20 years later and not a moment too soon.