The BB Blog: Tick, Tock… Don’t Wait on CTV

January 27 •
2 Minute Read

By: Natalie Leiser, Pro-Blockboarder North East

For those of you who didn’t get the memo – CTV is the leading growth medium for our ecosystem.

So much so, that it has taken center stage for the IAB to roll up their sleeves and find a way to establish common accepted standards for use.

At the IAB Tech Lab held in November, CEO of the tech lab, Anthony Katsur revealed their plan for a universal ID for CTV (link). This initiative would look to solve the massive problem of fragmentation within CTV over the next several years.

CTV is challenging! It looks and feels like linear TV but it’s really a digital medium. Applying the same technology used for display media won’t work. But, we can still learn from historical digital advertising.

Learnings for CTV…

  • Place media in front of a more targeted audience with more informed data.
  • Deliver media at the right time in the consumer journey with controlled frequency AND avoid over serving a single person the same ad.
  • Test and learn faster, what creative works or doesn’t, is the target segment performing, or media mix?

Technology in the advertising space is constantly improving. At Blockboard we’re innovating with Web 3 properties to eliminate reliance on 3rd party cookies. Hopefully one day we won’t see the same ad 5 times in a row while consuming media!

We are glad the industry bodies are starting to move down the line of establishing these basic standards.



The time is right now to test out your own early strategies and tactics for CTV. Your audience is there, the technology is ready, the learnings will be rich.