The BB Blog: Inevitable: Blockchain Adoption in the Ad Industry

July 26 •
2 Minute Read

Originally Published in The PDMI, July 25, 2022

Programming note: An encore roundtable on blockchain is scheduled for July 27th @ 2PM ET.

Recently, I had the opportunity to join a panel discussion on the topic of ‘Blockchain in Media and Advertising.’ As a new member to the PDMI organization, we were excited to see interest in blockchain technology and immediately said yes to their fantastic ‘Take 20’ series. But, what can really come out of a 20-minute conversation with a lawyer, and agency executive and the platform perspective? As it turns out a lot. Our 20-minute discussion was both engaging and illuminating…a few thoughts below.

My first takeaway: the industry needs to have more of these open and frank discussions. A lot more.

The current state of the ad market is unnerving, to say the least. The promise of marketing automation comes with some peril – a lack of transparency, an over reliance on black box operating systems, unnecessarily complicated campaign executions and opaque (at best) accountability frameworks. The scaffolding that the industry has built around programmatic is like a big Jenga tower. The more we play with it, the less stable it appears.

Second: Blockchain is more than crypto – and the world needs to know.

Blockchain is a technology that can help stabilize our industry but we need to de-couple it from the roller coaster ride of Coins and NFTs in the minds of advertisers. Blockchain has many uses and we need to make this clear. Our discussion was a big step in that direction.

Third: Inevitablity.

Ron Hadler, VP Data & Innovation at Red Door Interactive, said it best: the adoption of

blockchain (or something equivalent that provides trust, transparency and confidence) is

inevitable in our industry. Scaffolding should not be confused with a permanent structure.

Blockchain is part of the foundation of the next generation of effective and efficient brand story telling. The amount of ad spend that gets wasted – tech fees from a myriad intermediaries, chronic fraud, or even simply incompetent execution – is chilling. The wide-spread complicity of major ad industry stake-holders who profit directly from the complexity of the black box world of programmatic should be the sign that urgent change is necessary. The wake-up call is ringing loudly.

Fourth: Make these changes before they are made for you.

Christopher Boone, Associate at Venable Law Firm, noted that governments and regulatory bodies are starting to understand the promise and potential of blockchain in areas beyond the crypto marketplace. If blockchain delivers transparency, trust and accountability, why not take control of our own destiny by improving the operating landscape ourselves? Our discussion made it clear that we need to make a solid step in that direction.

A big thank you to our moderator, Chris Foster or Modern Postcard, for guiding us all through the conversation. Blockboard was proud to be a part of this vital discussion and equally proud to be PDMI’s newest member.

The Take 20:

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