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The BB Blog: Cookies Are Going Away!

November 9 •
2 Minute Read

By: Natalie Leiser, Pro-Blockboarder North East

AdExchanger’s Programmatic IO was back in full action! One of the staples for our industry, the Fall 2022 event spent time covering the tactics marketers are starting to take action on today to prepare for a cookie-less reality. Some of the biggest topics were the rise of Retail Media Networks, creating a first party data strategy, and non-cookie based tactics like contextual targeting.

  1. Retail Media Networks have been built or are being built across the industry. From Marriott to Macy’s, advertisers are starting to find new opportunities to utilize their audience. RMNs will give marketers access to more trustworthy first party data. That being said, advertisers need to think critically about how they’ll responsibly collect their consumer’s information. This adds another layer to inventory access, are Retail Media Networks the next walled garden?
  2. Move over content, 1st party data is now King! For brands to understand their digital consumer, they’ll need a proprietary first party data strategy. Consumers now expect targeted ads from their favorite brands when they interact with media. Understanding what those consumers look like is key to targeting them across channels.
  3. New signals to consider. As we prepare for mass signal loss, marketers are turning to investment in creative and contextual signals. These tactics are less reliant on audience based targeting that use cookies but are still effective.

The demise of the cookie has been in discussion for years… and some major companies have been successful in kicking the proverbial can down the road. But – the time has come. As a marketer and agency, when evaluating partners be sure to ask yourself (and them) is this partner built for the needs of my future? Or are they built for the past… trying to retro-fit into today and tomorrow.

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(Gratuitous plug here) Blockboard is built with Web3 principles in mind and on Web3 technologies. As a cookie-less born platform, we have been able to retarget and serve unique impressions across households and devices from Day 1. With our platform built on the blockchain, every impression we serve is pre-vetted and transparent.

Forget about cookies. Let’s focus on the entire next chapter of programmatically connecting an advertiser to a consumer.