Park Ave: Founder of Blockboard is Pioneering the Wild West of Digital Advertising

July 18 •
1 Minute Read

Originally published in Park Ave Magazine on July 20, 2022 by Betty Taylor

“At BLOCKBOARD we are trying to reset the system, one advertiser at a time by eliminating digital fraud through our blockchain-powered technology.”

As a digital advertising pioneer, Matt Wasserlauf is the founder and CEO of BLOCKBOARD, the company that brings confidence, efficiency and transparency to marketers in the CTV/OTT space. Matt and his team of Blockboarders continue to reinvent this rapidly changing industry. Founded in 2019, BLOCKBOARD was created out of a need for marketers to have confidence in their CTV/OTT video investments. BLOCKBOARD provides proven results to advertisers who demand accountability and assurance in media efficiency spending for their business needs.

Built on blockchain technology, the BLOCKBOARD platform provides transparency and validation to each impression for a cookie-less world. Bringing decades of experience in linear TV, digital video and mobile platforms to the development of BLOCKBOARD, the company is the only one of its kind to deliver verified business performance results.

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