VIDEO: Blockchain in Advertising

June 21 •
1 Minute Read

Blockchain technology has long been associated with the finance market – specifically cryptocurrency.

But there’s more to blockchain technology than a single application.

Blockchain, at its core, is simply a ledger…a permission-based, transparent ledger. It’s easy to see why it has long been associated with the financial industry. But, when you think about it, any industry that needs to transact something needs some kind of ledger. When it comes to digital media and advertising, a ledger is definitely needed.

“Blockchain gives us a single source of truth on how advertising gets distributed and delivered,” said Matt Timothy, EVP Sales and Marketing.

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure to join a roundtable discussion with Chris Foster (Modern Postcard), Ron Hadler (Red Door Interactive) and Chris Boone (Venable LLP) to talk more about blockchain technology and the advertising world.

“It is catching on… it is almost inevitable (to use blockchain in advertising),” said Ron Hadler, VP Data & Innovation.

Check out the entire conversation from PDMI’s Take 20 series – it’s clear the conversation for the entire market is only just beginning!