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Big Opportunties Amidst Big Challenges

October 31 •
2 Minute Read
ANA Masters of Marketing 2023

BB Blog Writer: Ashley Rappaport, Blockboard Director of Sales, NE

Of all the conferences I have had the opportunity to attend, the ANA Masters of Marketing has by far been one of the best ones yet. Not only was the content relevant, but the attendance from brands, agencies, and vendors was quite impressive. Even Bon Jovi made an appearance!

Jon Bon Jovi performs at The ANA Masters of Marketing Conference 2023
Jon Bon Jovi performs at The ANA Masters of Marketing Conference 2023 (Credit: Travis Lusk, AdLingo)

With the ANA themselves having recently released the first part to their Media Supply Chain Transparency Study citing there is $20 billion being wasted on fraud, this conference could not have come at a better time for Blockboard and our mission of eliminating waste and providing transparency into your CTV buys.

As suspected, there were a ton of great sessions focused on the growth and importance of CTV. Brands from Mondelez, to La-Z Boy, to Planet Fitness all shared the same sentiment of personalizing creative to speak to their different audiences and how video plays a critical role in not only driving awareness but driving conversion if used correctly.

ANA Masters of Marketing 2023
ANA CEO Bob Liodice addresses crowd at 2023 ANA Masters of Marketing conference

Bill Duggan’s session on Optimizing Programmatic Investment opened the eyes and ears to the billion-dollar fraud problem, the issue with MFA websites, and the purposeful lack of transparency from DSPs. Bill who spoke alongside Lou Paskalis, CSO at TAG/TrustNet and Tom Triscari, Programmatic Economist at Lemonade Projects who both strongly encouraged those brand marketers in the room to start asking critical questions. Where is my media running? Can I see a logfile? How much of my media spend is actually going to working media?

Marketers need to understand not only where their ads are being shown but they need to also understand the difference between cost and quality. Quality will earn you positive brand recognition and although this may come at a higher cost, it is better than running on low quality inventory that hurts your brand.

Blockboard’s CEO Matt Wasserlauf spoke proudly to the work we are doing to ensure transparency, accountability, and outcomes with Bill Duggan at this year’s AdWeek and you can really sense the tide is turning to make this industry better and honest.

Blockboard was built with the sole purpose to ensure we align you with quality content, eliminate fraud up front, and drive outcomes with 100% transparency and thanks to the ANA, people are really starting to listen!