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Beet.TV Video: You Must Create Your Own Relationship With Customers

June 23 •
1 Minute Read

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In the Direct Response space, few companies have seen the evolution and changing needs as Cannella Media and CEO Rob Medved.

So, when Medved calls the current media ecosystem a “perfect storm of media fragmentation” – we should take pause and listen.

Fundamentally, creating a relationship with customers has been a leading tenet in the performance / direct response space. But the current challenges coming from technology, data… and the consumers themselves force advertisers and their agencies to rethink some of the tried and true tactics.

Cannella Media’s Medved: We’re in a Perfect Storm of Media Fragmentation

The new opportunities to reach and develop relationship with customers make for a very exciting time to try new things – but one thing is for certain. Transparency and reducing the complexity of reaching customers must be a mainstay going forward.

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