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Beet.TV Video: We Must Graduate Into CTV

June 8 •
1 Minute Read

BLOCKBOARD is proudly sponsoring a Beet.TV Leadership Series “From Opacity to Openness: The Technology Behind More Transparent Digital Advertising”

“We have a huge opportunity for our market to graduate,” said Matt Wasserlauf, CEO and Co-Founder of Blockboard, “CTV is about the graduation of video and premium – and building the next generation of television.”

As one of the pioneers of the online video space, Wasserlauf has had a front row seat to the good, the bad and the ugly of the development and growth of video advertising.

In the early days, options of content were limited – and the industry was focused on how consumers could access content. As consumers and the market have matured critical aspects, like access and premium content, have become established. But, the industry also saw the underbelly of the space grow and there are deep concerns on the impact and preventing damaging activity in the CTV space.

“The bad actors are way ahead of the good actors, they have their hands around the entire digital sphere,” said Wasserlauf.

Blockboard’s Wasserlauf: CTV Should Learn from Web Video’s Mistakes

With new technologies and a focus on elevating the ecosystem for the betterment of consumers and advertisers alike – we have an opportunity to establish CTV on firmer ground than web video.

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