Beet TV Leadership Series

Beet.TV Video: The Future Is People-Based

June 1 •
1 Minute Read

BLOCKBOARD is proudly sponsoring a Beet.TV Leadership Series “From Opacity to Openness: The Technology Behind More Transparent Digital Advertising”

What was built 20 years ago needs to now evolve.

That’s the biggest take-away from Rachel Cascisa, VP Platform Adoption at Epsilon.

“We have an opportunity to rebuild our ecosystem, probably in a way that we should have in the beginning – if we knew what we know now,” said Cascisa.

Epsilon’s Cascisa: It’s Time to Rebuild the Ad Ecosystem for the Open Web

Today, not only are marketers more savvy about their needs and ways to achieve them – but consumers are also more aware of their own data and privacy needs.

As we reset the ecosystem, we will be better positioned to reach the right customer with the best message with transparency and proper value exchange with the consumers established.

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