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Beet.TV Video: Lack Of Opacity And Issues Of Fraud Are A ‘Huge Problem’

July 10 •
1 Minute Read

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Across every screen and every platform for media, fraud is a huge problem.

For Scott Marsden, President of Media & Analytics, Quigley-Simpson, navigating the landscape and being ‘very wary’ of the inventory sourcing is a crucial part of evaluation as consumer habits shift.

As the media buying shifts into the CTV space, Marsden warns that now is the time to tackle fraud head on… especially when the value and cost of CTV inventory is higher than other media.

Quigley Simpson’s Marsden: Ad Fraud Remains “a Huge Problem”

In addition to using new technologies to It may be time to look at measuring ‘human attention’ along side, or beyond our classic ‘reach & frequency’ measurement, says Marsden. Quigely-Simpson is looking at ways to expand and advise clients to get more out of the CTV space.
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