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Beet.TV Video: Cleaning Up Waste Continues To Be A Focus

May 23 •
1 Minute Read

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There are no shortage of ad tech players in our space – and without a doubt, it has left our ecosystem in a bit of a tangled mess.

Omnicom’s Chief Activation Officer, Megan Pagliuca has been on a mission to de-tangle the supply chain for their clients.

“There have been advancements in the supply chain optimization,” says Pagliuca.

But effort is far from over. Waste can only be tackled when a clear picture of the supply chain is understood.

Omnicom’s Pagliuca: We’ve Made Major Progress on Cleaning up Supply Chains in Digital

Transparency into the process is a critical aspect to understanding, for example, properties and their pathway that ultimately end up delivering ads. With transparency, decisions can be made to help reduce the waste for campaigns.

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