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Beet.TV Video: Blockchain solves for accountability and frequency

May 8 •
1 Minute Read

BLOCKBOARD is proudly sponsoring a Beet.TV Leadership Series “From Opacity to Openness: The Technology Behind More Transparent Digital Advertising”

Today, we have the ability to begin using tomorrow’s technology. In advertising, this could mean not only money saved, but better communication and relationship building with consumers.

When advertising investment is accountable, then the ability to truly manage frequency and story messaging becomes the next great creative challenge. One that marketers have been craving to tackle for years.

Blockboard EVP Customer Success, Matt Timothy, explains how elements of next generation technologies from Web3, like blockchain, can be invaluable to advertisers to have greater transparency into their spend and to take better advantage of the moments they have in front of consumers.

Full Interview with Matt Timothy

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