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Beet.TV Video: Blockchain Improves Media Investment

May 15 •
1 Minute Read

BLOCKBOARD is proudly sponsoring a Beet.TV Leadership Series “From Opacity to Openness: The Technology Behind More Transparent Digital Advertising”

For agencies and advertisers focused on performance-based KPIs, early adopters have found that new technologies, like blockchain, can improve the overall media investment.

For Raphael Rivilla, Chief Media Officer of Marcus Thomas, blockchain technology for advertising not only provides a deep level of transparency and reporting; it actually impacts the entire delivery by raising the quality of each step throughout the entire process. The result has returned consistent performance that out-performs other platforms who can’t always hit the needed KPI.

“(Smart contracts) remove fraud, which should then boost performance as well, and then because there are fewer intermediaries in between, the CPMs should be more efficient,” says Rivilla.

Why Blockchain Tech “Can change media investment pretty dramatically”: Rivilla

But, transparency and trust is just the beginning of a new way to operate in advertising. Ultimately, we are moving towards a new relationship between the advertiser and consumer in which a value exchange will look different. With blockchain technology, the advantage for both advertiser and consumer is sharing data in a decentralized, protected system will be greater efficiency of the media investment and higher satisfaction for the consumer.

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