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Beet.TV Video: Blockchain Helps Save Money in Many Ways

June 13 •
1 Minute Read

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Today’s marketer is experiencing a major shift in how they can use data and technology for their business outcomes.

Adam Herman, EVP and Chief Innovation Officer at Zimmerman Advertising has long been at the forefront of testing and adopting new technology approaches – and he says that today “it’s a shift in the basics of finding the right consumer at the right time with the right message.”

“What used to be a lot of guesswork is now pure science,” said Herman.

For Herman and the Zimmerman team, they see the value in using emerging technologies, like blockchain, for a multi-prong impact for achieving their client’s KPIs. The ability to know that every impression is being delivered to a real human on a viewable device helps them devise better media plans and also alleviates the need to get any make goods.

Zimmerman’s Herman: Blockchain Promises to Save Brands Money in Multiple Ways

When impressions are true – both time and money are saved.

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