AUDIO: The Demand For Accountability Is Coming

June 28 •
1 Minute Read

Interview originally posted on MediaVillage, June 28, 2022

“Accountability is simply a focus on outcomes,” says Matt Wasserlauf, Co-founder of BLOCKBOARD.

In a recent interview with Erich Prince, Matt describes how the video advertising industry has evolved over the past 10 years which has led us away from what is truly most important to advertisers: results.

“Programmatic, while good for efficiency and automation, has brought on a lack of transparency and a lack of accountability,” says Matt.

As advertisers have become more aware of the opaqueness in how their video is being bought and sold, they have started to ask more questions.

The economy is softening, notes Erich, and with the challenges CMOs are facing… the time might be now for a renewed focus on what is actually driving sales.

Listen to the full interview between Erich Prince and Matt Wasserlauf as they discuss blockchain technology, how the economy may impact advertisers and how BLOCKBOARD Studios can play an integral role for advertisers in their messaging and distribution.

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